D’orica renews its B Corp certification: an opportunity to constantly optimise the company’s social and environmental impact

 Recent re-certification brought the chance to further raise the bar of excellence in terms of fine-tuning at every level

 D’orica completed B Corp recertification one month ago; three years after initial certification and following months of rigorous assessment by the verifying body, B Lab, in May 2023 our company received official confirmation of our impact as a force for common good, promoting good practices through virtuous social and environmental performance. One of the most important aspects, given the sector in which we operate, is the level of attention devoted to the transparent and virtuous provenance of gold used. In addition, for all other materials required in our work, we evaluate suppliers on a case-by-case basis, selecting those who share our values regarding sustainability and recycling. And there’s more.

The 200 questions analysed by B Lab covered 5 specific areas: governance, relationship with workers, relationship with customers, the environment and the community; based on the answers and documentation provided, our company was awarded a score of 95.6, an increase of 7.5 points compared to our performance back in February 2019. While there are currently 7,015 B Corp companies worldwide and just 220 in Italy, D’orica retains an enviable record: we were the first goldsmiths’ company to obtain such certification.

However, this is not the ultimate goal pursued by the Zonta family: “By formally declaring our commitment to activities linked to B Corp status”, points out CEO Federico Zonta “we intend to become ambassadors of a growing awareness that is gradually expanding to every area of the sector linked to D’orica, so that we can help maintain a virtuous cycle of constant improvement. This approach brings countless benefits; in our case, for instance, even in the short term, virtuous corporate governance leads to greater empowerment of company employees carrying out their work. What’s more, in the long term, this enhances staff loyalty towards the company, which is viewed as a harmonious and tranquil place of work, a place where people can nurture their skills as well as their personal growth, and the ability to engage positively with others on a human level. We are convinced of this: you don’t get excellent products unless you have people working in an environment that breeds excellence”.