The new silk and gold collections are now available

Precious jewels born from the union of the most precious of metals with the finest of fabrics: gold and silk.

Collezione in seta e oro

In the fall of 2014 for the first time a textile mill for silk was brought back into operation, to produce precious and soft Italian silk yarn, with the idea of creating innovative jewelry. Jewels that recall the traditions of Venice and at the same time have a new approach, and unique in the world of women’s fashion.

How did this idea arise?

Daniela Raccanello and Giampietro Zonta are two entrepreneurs of D’orica and their cutting-edge company is known worldwide for combining high technology and craftsmanship. In their DNA you find prestigious innovative jewellery, such as necklaces that incorporate the technology of photosynthesis or others that use titanium shape memory.

Daniela tried to interpret in a modern way the great traditions of silk of the Republic of Venice and in so doing created a line of jewellery of unique refinement and charm. The silk jewelry gives a particular pleasure to the wearer gently stroking the skin in a sensual manner.

There is real exclusivity is in the production of the yarn. To achieve their jewellery following the philosophy of social and environmental sustainability, this incredible pair of entrepreneurs has restarted a spinning mill in Italy for the first time after 50 years.

The silk from the Italian cocoons is now woven near Venice and worked in the headquarters of D’orica. The whole process is ethical, silkworms are bred by social cooperatives and silk is certified “The Fair Silk Way”. To date it is the only silk actually 100% produced in Italy.