The culture of responsibility. D’orica becomes a Benefit Company

We have always been convinced that doing business means more than mere production, and that the value of a business goes beyond its turnover. We have always pursued collective well-being at D’orica in addition to profit, with the conviction that corporate activity is one of the key factors for social and environmental prosperity. The needs of collaborators, customers and suppliers, but also respect for the territory and its resources, have always been important issues for us, to the point of becoming a driving force for change. 

We are proud to announce that we have been a Benefit Company since 1 October 2018: a company recognised by the Italian State for its interpretation of business as a positive force, a company that respects the highest standards of performance, transparency and responsibility.  

Quality, people, environment, training and knowledge have always been the key words of our philosophy. This is why when Italian law introduced this legal category of business into its legal system, we decided to make our vision explicit.

We have put our commitment on paper, modifying our status to declare that our company operates in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment. Alongside the manufacture and trade of gold and silk products, our corporate aims include the pursuit of positive effects for society, such as job creation, continuous innovation and improvement, enhancement of the creativity and history of our territory, and environmental sustainability.

The path along which we are formalising these aspects began in spring 2017 but is not yet complete. Our mosaic is missing a tile, which will be added soon: the international B Corp certification (Benefit Corporation). A guarantee of transparency and social responsibility that can only improve our work, consolidating and expanding the benefits of our business to stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the community to which we belong.