D’orica at Milano Unica

D’orica and Alberto Zambelli are pleased to invite you
at the D’orica’s stand in Milano Unica
to discover their unprecedented collaboration
(Pad. 8 – OPB 212).

July 11-13th, 2017 – H. 9:00-18:30


Jeweler D’orica and the designer Alberto Zambelli will unveil the fruits of a new collaboration at the FW18/19 edition of Milano Unica, with an innovative project that brings together creativity, tradition and sustainability.
The raw silk thread obtained by cultivating Italian silkworms has been twisted and woven using ancient traditional methods, as part of a vision of reviving the supply of “Ethical Italian Silk”.
The rawness and crunch of the fabric is obtained through a particular finishing process that celebrates the pure Art Deco style of the tunic.
Silk and gold combine in a fusion of the purest materials to create a new concept of luxury.
The natural union of two creative minds that reflect each other in spirit.


The story began with the idea of creating jewelry that brings together silk and gold. But silk has not been produced in Italy for over 50 years.
Thanks to D’orica and our collaboration with social cooperatives involved in sericulture, the silk supply chain in Italy has been revived.
The “Ethical Silk Road” project has reawoken forgotten memories, emotions and passions, restoring values, extraordinary skills and professionalism.
Following the restoration of an ancient spinning mill, the only machinery of its type in Europe, the cocoons can be transformed into silk thread.
As a result of our respect for the environment, our support of craftsmanship, and the uniqueness and sustainability of the project, the silk is certified “100% Made In Italy” and “TF Traceability & Fashion”.