A new dawn into the future. Celebrating 30 years of D’orica

A new dawn into the future

This year, D’orica is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and dedicating this milestone to the history, territory and, more importantly, the people who have helped the Zonta family turn their dream into reality and create a better society.

During the year, Federico Zonta – the son of founders Giampietro and Daniela – was appointed as the director to lead the company and its philosophy into the future.

Impresa (er)etica is the title of the book that Alessandro Zaltron wrote to describe D’orica’s evolution and tell the stories of the protagonists. A tribute to a better world and a manifesto for a new Foundation supported by the company, which will organise several initiatives to spread the principles of civics in a more just society.

This special edition features a mulberry fine Japanese paper cover, exposed handmade binding with a fine Italian silk thread made by D’orica for Treesure jewellery, and works by artist Pino Guzzonato. The first limited run was presented during a special evening with lots of important guests and talks. The proceeds from the sales will be used to support the new Foundation.