D’orica is a unique goldsmith where everyone’s contribution is essential in creating jewels of great value and unrivalled richness of composition. Our models stand out for their original design, which can truly withstand the test of volatile fashion.

We were born in a niche of the Vicenza district, world-famous for its goldsmiths and silversmiths, and we decided to continue completing all the stages of our production process here. We wanted to maintain daily contact with those who help us make our jewelry special.

The talent, which makes us stand out in this industry, is the result of both the twenty-year-old experience we have gained in this field, and the passion and competence of those who work with us.

To give shape to our original creations we use engraved gold beads, produced with the most sophisticated technologies. But the skillfulness of the interweaving and the diamond-like brilliance are what make D’orica jewels unique.

Over time, our way of thinking and acting has consolidated into an actual philosophy. The awareness of people’s needs, the aversion to producing unnecessary waste and the attention to detail, allow us to achieve the quality level we believe our customers deserve.

We think luxury is being confident of wearing a jewel immune to the passing of time, reliable in shape and eclectic in personality, perfect for those who want to be part of a symbolic experience that goes well beyond aesthetics.

Those who choose D’orica appreciate the authenticity of an ethical approach based on respect and on the transparency of the production process. This formula has been consolidated in time and put together thanks to both the skills of our craftsmen and the resources of the Italian territory.

Sparks of gold
braided by hand
Now and forever
Made in Italy